Stand Up PaddleBoarding / Stand Up PaddleSurfing

aka SUP

Originated in Hawaii

Stand Up Paddle boarding is by far the easiest of the water sports that we offer.
Provides a smooth transition in the world of surfing for people without any relative background or fit enough.
It's major advantage is that besides surfing you can still take it for a ride when the waves are not rolling.
We offer a full flat water training and of course a surfing one if you are brave enough.
Perfect whole body exercise.
Suitable for both gender over 14 years old.

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SUP PriceList

Teaching Hours Private Lesson Group Lesson
Flat Water 2 hrs 100 € 80 €
1 hr 90 € 70 €
2 hrs 160 € 120 €
4 hrs 280 € 200 €

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