Rentals for Independent Kiters:

1 hour rental of full equipment costs 50€

It includes: kite, bar, kiteboard, harness,
lifevest,helmet and hook knife.

Minimum rental session is 2 hours.

Time starts the moment you get your
equipment from the reception and
finishes when you return them back.

Unless you have an independent
kiteboarding licence of a widely
accepted organisation like
or equivalent  we cannot rent you
equipment without supervision.
It is possible though to have a quick
EXAM from our instructors and if
you pass it you will be IKO qualified
as an independent kiteboarder Level 3
eligible for unsupervised rental.

IKO Rental Certification costs 100€

It includes the exam, the certification
plus 1,5 hours of rental equipment.
For each additional hour the cost is 50€

Rentals for Beginner / Intermediate Kiters:

If you are not an independent kiter you
must have an instructor to supervise,
advice and demonstrate you the right way of using the equipment until you become independent.

One hour of a private supervised rental
costs 90€

Minimum session for a private
supervised rental is 1 hr.

It is also possible to have a group session
of a supervised rental for 2 people.

One hour of a group supervised rental
costs 50€ per person.

Minimum session for a group supervised
rental is 1 hr.


Kite and bar 40€/hr
Surfboard 25€/hr
Kiteboard 20€/hr
Harness 15€/hr
Lifevest 10€/hr
Helmet 5€/hr
minimum time rental is 2 hours.



In order to book for a session or further
information please send us a message
on our WhatsApp number

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