RENTALS per hour
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YES that is correct, we only rent per hour and only on our kite club.
NOT per day, NOT per week, NOT take away rentals
SO PLEASE don't ask us further.
Unless you have an independent kiteboarding licence of a widely accepted organisation like IKO, VDWS ,VTS, BKSA, PASA or any equivalent we cannot rent you equipment. If you are experienced enough you could have a quick EXAM from our instructors and if you pass it you will be IKO qualified eligible for rental.
IKO certification 100 €
includes certification and one hour rental equipment

1 HOUR of FULL EQUIPMENT costs 60 € and includes:
kite, bar, kiteboard, harness, lifevest, helmet and hook knife

We also add a complimentary half an hour to your rental for setting up, launching, landing and packing your kite.

Kite and bar 50 €/hr
Surfboard 30 €/hr
Kiteboard 25 €/hr
Harness 20 €/hr
Lifevest 15 €/hr
Helmet 10 €/hr

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