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For Centuries

surfing was a central part of ancient Polynesian culture firstly seen by Europeans around 1767 in Tahiti.
It is regarded as the most primitive form of manipulating the forces of nature for pleasure. Mammals like seals and dolphins also enjoy doing it. Why not you?
We offer a full training of surfing, whether you want to improve your kitesurfing skills or just go for the original surf with soft boards for the beginners and a variety of surfboards for the intermediate surfer. Our ISA certified instructors/lifeguards will provide you with all the tips and tricks in order to get you surfing on that board as quick as possible. As in all water sports, safety comes first.

For beginners

shallow sandy bottom in crystal clear blue water with spilling waves.
For intermediate and advanced surfers we could suggest the best available waves around. Surfing applies to both gender of all ages since no extra muscle strength required but a relatively fit body. Swimming is essential even though beginner lessons are held in waist height water depth. Best time is usually noon or afternoon when the 'meltemi' progressively stops some nice sets will always be somewhere around waiting to be surfed. We will be there! Also we provide a surfboard repair service if needed
If you feel like surfing here's your chance... Fun is included, satisfaction guaranteed !!!

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Surf PriceList

Teaching Hours Private Lesson Group Lesson
Introduction 45' 40 € 25 €
1 hr 60 € 35 €
4 hrs 210 € 120 €
8 hrs 360 € 200 €

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